10X Investments

Our Business

10X Investments (10X) is an authorised Financial Services Provider, a licensed Retirement Fund Administrator and Investment Manager. 10X provides a full range of services and products to retirement investors. We administer retirement funds and facilitate risk (insured) benefits. We manage investments for retirement funds. Our corporate clients include African Bank, Deutsche Bank, Macquarie, EOH, Virgin Active and the Invicta Group to name a few.

Our value proposition

10X offers a simple, low cost and direct retirement solution.

The 10X Funds

Employers can participate in the 10X Umbrella Funds (Pension and Provident). Individuals can join the 10X Retirement Annuity Fund and the 10X Preservation Funds (Pension and Provident).

Stand-alone Retirement Funds

10X offers a combined administration and investment management service or an investment-only service to stand-alone retirement funds.

The 10X Name

Our name comes from Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel. He describes a force that changes the fundamental rules of an industry as a 10X force, making it ten times harder for the existing players to compete. We thought the name appropriate, given that we are changing the fundamentals of the retirement fund industry. We pronounce it ten-ex, not ten times.