Take charge of your retirement and savings with the 10X Living Annuity

A Living Annuity allows you to reinvest your retirement savings to provide you with a regular retirement income, while affording you further growth. It gives you the flexibility to change your retirement income annually and the control to switch your investment strategy if you wish.

The best life possible, long after you stop working

A Living Annuity is an excellent way to reinvest your retirement savings. But to make it last throughout your retirement years, you need to minimise fees, maximise returns, and draw sustainable income. The 10X Living Annuity works hard to cover all bases for you.

Our total fees are less than half of the industry average, which means a higher monthly income for longer. Our High Equity portfolio is geared for the best possible growth to ensure your capital lasts. And our calculator tool helps you to find the right income to draw from your savings each month.

More money when it matters most.

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While there is little you can do to increase your retirement pot once you have stopped working, there is much you can do to make your savings last.

Living Annuities are good, they

  • Allow you to take charge of your retirement savings
  • Provide the flexibility to set your annual income
  • Control your investment strategy
  • Retain your capital for your estate

10X Living Annuities are better because we offer

  • Low fees. Our fees are always less than 1% excl. VAT
  • Superior long-term growth through Index Tracking
  • A highly diversified portfolio
  • A team of retirement experts to help you along the journey

Living Annuity benefits and risks

In exchange for the flexibility and performance benefits a Living Annuity provides, you assume the risk of securing an adequate, sustainable income. The income you choose to draw from your Living Annuity may be too high, causing your capital to reduce over time. This means that your future income could fail to keep pace with inflation or even that you outlie your savings

Your investment value and returns are also not guaranteed and may move up or down. If markets fall or returns are poor, then your capital could reduce or fail to keep pace with inflation.

What transfers can a Living Annuity accept or make?

A Living Annuity may only accept transfers from another Living Annuity or from a retirement fund. It may not accept voluntary contributions. It is not possible to transfer a Guaranteed Annuity into a Living Annuity. You may transfer your Living Annuity to another provider.

Living Annuity fees

Remember that the total deductions coming from your investment are the income you draw and the fees you are paying. You want to keep your fees as low as possible, so that more of your money goes to you, and less to your provider. At 10X we charge less than half the average industry fees, and never more than 1% per annum excl. VAT.

The benefit of paying lower fees.

So finally retirement is here, now what?

As you near retirement, two questions will occupy your thoughts: "How do I manage my time?" and "How do I manage my finances?" For a successful retirement, you need to apply your mind to both issues.

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