Old-fashioned expert with an eye on transformation

If today’s ideal hire combines old-fashioned experience and values with a willingness to embrace new ideas, Jeremiah Joseph, 10X Investments new Head of Operations for Administration, is a perfect case in point.

Joseph has extensive experience in digital transformation and asset management, a wealth of leadership and management experience and a desire to really make a difference.

Joseph says he “took a conscious decision” to leave the world of active investment management and joined 10X because he “wanted to be part of a team that was making a difference in people’s lives”.

Steven Nathan, 10X’s Chief Executive Officer, says the appointment is evidence of the company’s commitment to “building an industry leading administration platform and excellent service for our client needs”.

He added: “For company pension funds this includes simple, fast and secure administration of their employee benefits. For individuals this includes easy digital access to all their investment information, and retirement planning tools that are simple, relevant and transparent.”

Uvesh Betchu, Chief Operating Officer at 10X Investments, said Joseph’s experience in digital transformation within the industry “will enable us to review our client journeys and service experience, thus leading to us crafting and executing a world-class service strategy through digitisation”

Betchu said Joseph’s first task would be to focus on 10X’s Corporate Administration, which was “a critical part of our business and has an impact on many other parts of the business”.

He added, “Once Jeremy has Corporate Administration ‘well-oiled’ we will review other parts of the operation.”

Joseph joins from Silica, technology and outsourcing services provider to various large investment managers in Sub Saharan Africa, where he was Operations Manager for six years.

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