#SONA2019: It is time for Ramaphosa to walk the talk

It doesn’t matter what President Cyril Ramaphosa says in the State of the Nation address on Thursday, says Steven Nathan, founder of 10X Investments, “it matters what he does”.

“Yes, the President has made some changes, and hinted at more improvements to come, but it really is just a drop in the ocean when compared to the size of the challenges faced,” said Nathan, who is also the founder of the disruptive asset manager.

“We can all make promises,” he added, “but what we really need is action and accountability.”

Nathan added that considering the scope of South Africa’s problems the president’s changes added up to “merely tinkering”.

He said he would be watching Thursday’s speech and hoping for some clarity and detail on how and when things would really start to change, rather than hearing rhetoric about why things must change.

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