Stand up and be counted in SA survey (and our RRR20)

As many of you know, 10X’s annual Retirement Reality Report (RRR) gives South Africans a much-needed reality check about the retirement savings landscape in the country. 10X uses data from the respected annual Brand Atlas survey to produce the RRR, which is released every September.

Last year’s survey (Brand Atlas 5) sampled the universe of 15.1 million economically active South Africans, as determined by Stats SA (namely those with a monthly income in excess of R7,600 and access to internet) through online completion surveys. You won’t be surprised to hear that what sometimes feels like a conspiracy of current events – incorporating load-shedding and long-term economic distress for so many South Africans and culminating in Covid-19 and the national lockdown – has disrupted the collection of data.

With our world having changed so dramatically, All Told, which runs the Brand Atlas survey, decided to abort the regular questionnaire and replace it with a survey that provides comparable insights wherever possible while also taking account of our altered reality since the global pandemic took hold.

This new survey, Brand Atlas post-Covid-1, is available for completion here

We encourage you to take part in this survey, which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Please also share the link with friends, colleagues and family members. 

Taking part will mean your views and realties will be reflected in this important survey (and in our Retirement Reality Report 2020, to be released in September). There are also R100,000 worth of goods to be to be won in the prize draw that is run as a thank you to everyone who takes the time to complete the survey.

More information about prizes and past winners here:

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