The 10X Tribe share their side hustles

For many people, a single income stream just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Having a diversified income stream (a fancy way of saying at least one side hustle) comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Income protection in case something goes wrong with your 9-5
  • Making it easier to save each month
  • Helping you get out of your comfort zone
  • Exposing you to other opportunities

We asked the 10X Tribe what they do to earn a little extra. We hope their answers inspire you to come up with your own side hustle. Names with a * have been changed at their request.

Low-commitment options

If you need a little extra cash but don’t want to commit to something that requires a lot of effort or a long-term commitment here are a few ideas:

  • Nozipho does online surveys and transcriptions (converting speech into text)
  • Sam* regularly sells items he no longer needs, such as furniture, toys, and clothes. He says: “It's not going to make me rich, but it does keep a small, but steady flow of cash in my wallet.”
  • Thandi* does house-sitting for people in her neighbourhood

Create and sell a product

If you see a gap and have some skills and a little bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, making goods for sale could be for you.

  • Along with her online surveys, Nozipho also makes and sells satin bonnets for African women who need to cover their hair when they sleep.
  • Keeping with the sewing theme, Jane* makes curtains for sale/to order.
  • Christo, a retiree, supplements his pension with cash form his joint venture with his son selling car batteries.
  • Brian is on a good wicket with his coffee trailer that he takes to sporting events on the weekend.
  • Retiree Arthur is bringing in cash by selling his art

Rental income

A few members of the 10X Tribe are fortunate enough to have investment properties or space in their homes that they rent out. Phuti Manaka, for example, earns a little extra by renting out the spare room in his house.

Sell a service

The upside of selling a service instead of a physical product is that you usually don’t require much capital for materials. The downside is it is harder to scale or outsource because the work requires your direct involvement.

  • Retiree Peter has turned his photography hobby into an additional income stream
  • Mathew Lewis does consulting and design work.
  • Janine Erasmus did a course in wellness at ‘Healing Hands’ and now offers reflexology sessions.
  • Rainer Nowicki builds websites for friends and family (he’s also working on a Business Intelligence app – watch this space!).
  • Henk is a fishing guide in his spare time.
  • Thandeka* has taken to writing articles and e-books in her retirement.

Building & repairs

If you know your way around a toolbox and don’t mind getting your hands dirty you could earn some spare cash by doing building and repair work.

  • James* works as a handyman
  • Sarah* does carpentry
  • Philip Fraser does furniture restoration

You probably shouldn’t try this one at home

The final entry we wanted to share is by Barry* who is a beekeeper and earns extra income selling pollinator services. Farmers hire hives from Barry to help pollinate their crops. 

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