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10 investors could do better.

Ask for a free comparison and see how your current investment measures up.

We can compare your current retirement investment against a 10X investment, showing how our low fees are likely to add up to more money for you when you retire. Nine out of ten times, 10X comes out substantially better. All we need is a little information and a few minutes of your time.

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Fees Matter

Fees are the single biggest predictor of your investment’s performance.

You might have heard of the “power of compound interest”. What’s less talked about is the “tyranny of compounding costs”: over time, paying 2% more in fees can mean 40% less for you when you retire. We know that this may be hard to believe at face value. Which is why we’d like you to put us to the test.

The impact of fees on your investment over 40 years

Based on R100,000 investment at 6% return over 40 years.

Get the Facts

Most people don’t know what fees they’re paying.

The industry likes to hide and complicate their various fees, which are seldom disclosed simply or transparently, if at all. The result is that 93% of investors either don’t know what they’re paying, or think they’re paying less than 1%. In reality, most pay around 3%.

When you ask us for a comparison, we’ll help you find out what your investment is costing you, now and in the long run.

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The impact of paying 3% in fees on your investment

Based on a lump sum investment of R100 000 earning 6% pa over 40 years.

Getting More Out

Compare what you’re paying, and what you’re likely to get out.

We’ll establish what fees you’re paying, compared with what you’d pay with 10X. Based on those fees, we’ll also forecast what your investment will be worth when you retire if you stick with your current investment, compared with if you move to 10X.

In the rare case that it’s better for you not to move, we’re transparent enough to tell you, and we’ll thank you for giving us a chance.

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Examples of real customers' comparisons

Comparison 1 With current provider With 10X
Current investment value R38 500 R38 500
Fees (incl. VAT) 3.18% 0.98%
Years until retirement 38 38
Assumed annual growth * 8% 8%
Value at retirement R230 324 R507 296
Difference (54% less)
Comparison 2 With current provider With 10X
Current investment value R462 702 R462 702
Fees (incl. VAT) 2.49% 0.89%
Years until retirement 25 25
Assumed annual growth * 8% 8%
Value at retirement R1 807 077 R2 577 549
Difference (29% less)

* after inflation, before fees

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Secure a better retirement today!

Secure a better retirement today!