10X Investments

Retirement Funds for Corporate Investors

Interested in starting a retirement fund for your employees?

A retirement fund is likely to be the most tax–effective and cost-efficient savings vehicle for your employees. This may be unfamiliar territory for you, but fortunately it is not as complicated as it sounds. Learn more about the next steps for starting a retirement fund.

Interested in the 10X Umbrella Funds?

The 10X Umbrella Funds provide a simple, low cost and direct retirement investment solution. They allow for flexibility in contribution levels and insurance benefits. Learn more about the 10X Umbrella Funds.

Interested in 10X being a service provider to your free-standing fund?

10X provides a full range of services to retirement funds, including consulting, administration and investment management. Learn more about 10X services available to your fund.

Interested in a 10X Preservation Fund?

The 10X Preservation Funds allow your employees’ retirement savings to stay invested in the event that they leave your employ before retirement age. They are simple low cost and direct retirement funds. Learn more about 10X Preservation Funds.