10X Investments

Retirement Annuity Fees

There is only one investment fee:

This investment fee is calculated as a % of your investment value according to the sliding scale below. Your fee ex. VAT never exceeds 1%.

Investment Management Fee Scale

Investment Value 10X Fee pa (ex VAT)
First R1 million 0.90%
Next R4 million 0.70%
Next R5 million 0.50%
Above R10 million 0.35%

You do not incur fees when you join the fund, when you resign or retire from the fund, or when you transfer your investment to or from the fund.

There are no penalties for making your 10X RA paid-up. Such penalties generally relate to unrecovered broker commissions. The fund costs (eg fees for audit, regulation, trustees, etc.) are borne by 10X Investments.

Trading costs, incurred when buying and selling securities (related mainly to brokerage and tax), are typically less than 0.2% of the average investment value per annum. All funds incur trading costs but these are seldom disclosed.