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When do I stop paying UIF?

I am 73 years old. Still very healthy and am still working. When do I stop paying UIF, which I have done from the age of 18 years. Will I be able to claim UIF when I retire next year?

Will being fired affect my provident fund pay-out?

Hi, I am 60 years old and things are not well at work, I work overtime and public holidays without payment. If I got fired for not wanting to work overtime without pay can it affect my current provident payout?

Are part-time employees eligible to contribute to a provident fund?

Good day, I would like to know if a part-time worker is entitled to have provident fund deducted from their salary.

How do I claim from my Alexander Forbes Provident Fund?

My husband was recently retrenched,and was paying for his provident fund through Alexander Forbes, my question is: 1)Will his employer fill out the necessary documentation and notify Alexander Forbes that he was retrenched in order for the payout to be done or does my husband have to contact Alexander Forbes. 2) Regarding UIF will the employer apply for the UIF benefits on behalf of my husband or do they just provide the necessary documents needed for him to apply for UIF on his own. Thanks

Do I qualify for benefits from the Murray & Roberts Pension Fund?

My dad Julius worked for metal industry for a long time after working for different companies the problem is he had 2 wives and the deference of his identity nomber and he had passed away by 2011 October when he was working for Murray and Roberts projects at Medupi power station ; how would I know if he qualified to claim or the other wife has claimed as his 1st born son help please! !!

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