Living Annuity FAQ

Can I use my living annuity as collateral for a loan?

My RA pays 17% of the value each year. Can I take a loan against this amount

How much will I receive monthly from my living annuity?

I transferred my previous pension to a retirement annuity and the current value of my retirement annuity is R 1,9m and I am contributing R1000 pm. I am 55 years old and after working in West Africa for the past year, earning an income in US dollars, the company went bankrupt and I am currently unemployed. The ideal would be not to take the one-third in cash from my retirement annuity now, but my savings have run out as I have not been able to find employment since returning at end of January and this seems like the on...

Can I withdraw all the funds from my living annuity?

I have money invested in a living annuity, but some problems have arrived and I need money for my daughter's university and for myself. Is there an option to get my money out of such a fund (I am now 56 years old)? Can you please give me some advice. Thank you.

Can I make a lump sum withdrawal from my living annuity?

Hi I am 57 yrs old. Early retirement in April 2013.Have a linked living Annuity(investment retirement income plan),Only took out the tax free portion (on retirement) about R315000. Can I withdraw th...

Can I split retirement annuities across various living annuities?

I have about 5 or 6 different retirement annuities, which in the not too distant future I will have to (or not)somehow consolidate to buy living annuities. In order to do that, can I liquidate them on...

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