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Preservation Fund

What is a preservation fund?

A preservation fund enables your retirement savings to stay invested in the event that you resign from your employer, or are dismissed or retrenched. You cannot, however, make additional contributions to your preservation fund. Learn more with our Preservation Fund FAQs.

Who should consider a preservation fund?

You should consider a preservation fund when you leave your employer. The primary objective of your pension or provident fund is to build a financial asset that will provide you with regular income once you retire. If you draw your retirement savings early, then you not only forgo your savings, and the investment return these savings would have generated up to your retirement date, but also some important tax advantages.

The 10X Preservation Fund low-fee advantage

High costs are a problem with the standard industry preservation fund. Investors may pay initial fees, recurring broker commissions and high investment management fees.

You can avoid these practices with 10X. We offer a direct, low cost preservation fund, our fees are typically well below half the industry average and there are no initial fees, commissions or administration fees.

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