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A retirement annuity is a tax effective retirement investment for individuals

What is a retirement annuity?

A retirement annuity (RA) is a tax effective investment vehicle designed for individual retirement investors. Learn more with our Retirement Annuity FAQs.

Who should consider an RA?

You should consider an RA if you are self-employed, your employer does not provide a pension or provident fund or you want a top-up to your pension or provident fund

The 10X RA low-fee advantage

High costs are a problem with the standard industry RA, especially those issued by life insurance companies. Investors may pay initial fees, recurring broker commissions and high investment management fees. Further, on early termination, the investment value is often reduced.

You can avoid these practices with 10X. We offer a direct, low cost RA, our fees are typically well below half the industry average and there are no initial fees or commissions. There are no termination fees or penalties when withdrawing your 10X RA.

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