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10X Investments manages over R8bn in assets for industry-leading clients

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10X Private Client has one goal - to get you the retirement you deserve. As our client, you will have a dedicated Private Client consultant who will look after you every step of the way, while our award-winning investment strategy takes care of your wealth, thanks to the following core principles:

Index Tracking

Trying to pick winning stocks usually fails. By tracking the market index, we deliver a higher return than most fund managers.

Low fees

Independent research found that fees are the most reliable predictor of your investment’s performance. At 1% or less before VAT, ours are less than half the industry average.

Diversified Portfolio

With both eyes on long-term growth, we invest your money mainly in local and international shares, as well as a mix of property, bonds and cash.

Life Stage Investing

We automatically adjust your portfolio according to your investing time horizon, maximising growth for as long as possible, then reducing risk as you approach retirement.

Low Fees

Source: 10X Investments

What would you rather pay: R300K or R50K?

The industry loves high net-worth clients. Why? Because of the fees they charge you. For example, an investment value of R10 million would cost you R300k a year if you paid the industry average of 3%. An exorbitant amount of money by any measure.

At 10X Private Client you will never pay more than 0.5% in total fees. Which, if you do the math, amounts to R250k less in fees than the industry average. R250k that we invest on your behalf and leave to compound over time.

Investment Value (Min investment: R10 Million) 10X Fee pa (+ VAT)
R10 million to R20 million 0.50%
Above R20 million 0.40%
The Private Client Experience

10X Private Client Benefits

A dedicated Private Client consultant, with unlimited phone and email support.

1 x annual consultation

1 x free consultation for a family member

Monthly and annual benefit statements

Annual tax certificate

Superior Service

When it comes to investing for retirement, we believe that you deserve superior service. While our award-winning strategy looks after your future, we look after you.

*All of our Private Client consultants are licensed financial services experts who work in accordance with our strict code of ethics that require them to act in your best interest.

7 Year Annualized Returns - Large Managers Watch

Source: Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch. Best Investment View, December 2016


Performance is our biggest perk

When you're a high net-worth client, it is common for providers to try win you over with fancy extras. Think long lunches and even longer golf days. What they don’t tell you is that you end up paying for these perks yourself, with your fees and your time.

At 10X Private Client, our biggest perk is one that we don’t believe you should sacrifice your time or money for: our performance. We consistently outperform South Africa’s largest fund managers, delivering superior returns both before and after fees.

Our Performance

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Returns are based on R100 lump sum invested on 31 December 2007 to 30 November 2016.

Source: 10X Investments, Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch.

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