10X Investments

Full Transparency

Industry Problem 10X Solution


Reporting is often unclear and incomplete. The total cost of retirement investing is seldom disclosed, nor the long-term impact on your investment outcome.


10X reporting is simple, complete and transparent.

All reports are available on-line via a secure password protected web portal. Benefit statements and investment performance are updated each month. Employers and members have full access to all aspects of their retirement fund.

Quarterly benefit statements and investor letters are emailed to members. The annual benefit statement is available via email or hard copy.

The 10X Member Manual provides an overview of the 10X retirement funds, outlines the investment strategy and explains when members may access their funds.

At 10X, we allow you to see everything about your investment.

  • Sample benefit statement

    Investment reconciliation for the period Rand
    Investment value as at 01 January 200 000
    Total contributions invested (see contribution review) 65 000
    Net Investment return (see investment review) 35 000
    Investment value as at 31 December 300 000

    Provides an audit trail between the opening and closing value on your investment account year-to-date. The reconciling items are backed up by supporting schedules on the statement.

    Contribution review for the period Rand
    Current pensionable salary 500 000
    Member (R) Employer (R) = Total (R)
    Contribution % pensionable salary 5% 10% 15%
    Total gross contributions 25 000 50 000 75 000
    Less: Administration fee 0 500 500
    Less: Risk premium 0 9 500 9 500
    Total contributions for investment 25 000 40 000 65 000

    Shows your total year-to-date contribution to your 10X Fund. The contribution is calculated as a % of your salary/wage. After deducting administration fees and risk premiums (if any) the schedule shows the net amount invested.

    Investment review for the period % Rand
    Investment return 14,6% 36 500
    Less: Investment management fee 0.6% 1 500
    Net investment return 14% 35 000

    Shows the investment return earned year-to-date, expressed both as a % as well as an absolute Rand amount. The return is shown both before and after (net) 10X’s investment management fee.

    Projected benefit at retirement in real terms (today’s money)
    Projected benefit Low return (2%) Average return (5%) High return (7%)
    Retirement investment R3 500 000 R5 500 000 R9 000 000
    Monthly income R20 000 R35 000 R50 000
    Replacement ratio 48% 84% 120%

    Your statement also projects a range of investment outcomes at retirement. This is based on your retirement date, current investment value, current salary (growing 1% pa above inflation), current contribution rate and the projected investment return. The statement projects a range (2%, 5% and 7%) of outcomes as future investment returns are unknown. 10X projects the value of your investment and pension in today’s money. This is not a guarantee, it is a projection to give you a sense of what your investment may ‘buy’, after costs and inflation at retirement.