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    My previous fund administrator was large but the staff was not competent. Whereas with 10X our fund runs very smoothly and the staff I deal with are very competent and efficient. Yvette du Plessis, Financial Manager AllLife Insurance
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    Jaap Mol
    I think if all the service providers had this sort of quality of personnel, then a lot more people would be more relaxed. Jaap Mol, Former Chairman of The Board of Trustees, Saxum Insurance Pension Funds
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    We believe 10X offers a better value proposition for our staff and our business. Joyce Riekert, Principal Officer African Bank Provident Fund
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    There is no comparison with the previous service providers they simply don’t rate compared to 10X. Fay Starfield, Engineering Supplies
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    What’s very important to stress is that everything 10X have promised, they have delivered on. They have walked their talk and that’s important and rare. Andrew Broom, FD Cross Colours
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    Amnon Melzer, Director Eighty20 Consulting
    We believe 10X offers us a very attractive retirement plan as we understand the destructive impact of high costs. Amnon Melzer, Director Eighty20 Consulting
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