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Our Investment Principles

A recipe for long-term success

Achieving your investment goal shouldn’t be a matter of luck. Which is why we have three core principles we stick to in order to deliver competitive, long-term investment returns and give you the best possible chance of reaching your investment goal.

Invest in the right portfolio

10X automatically invests your money in one of six well diversified portfolios linked to your investment time horizon. You don’t have to pay for investment advice or worry about volatile investment markets, as the appropriate advice and risk-management are already embedded in our solution.

Track the index

We invest in index funds to deliver superior long-term returns. Why? Because time and again, index funds beat most fund managers.

Keep fees under 1%

Our fees are well less than half the industry average. We charge total fees of under 1% excl VAT, which means you capture the bulk of the investment return.

Put 90% of your money in a low cost index fund. The long term results from this policy will be superior to most investors who employ high fee managers.

– Warren Buffett

After inflation value of R100,000 invested for 40 years earning 6.5% PA plus inflation.

Source: 10X Investments

Low fees

Get up to 60% more with 10X

Costs are critical to your long-term investment success. Unfortunately, most people are completely unaware of the fees they are being charged, as well as their long-term impact. With 10X you always pay less than 1% in total fees excl. VAT. Most investors pay around 3%*, comprising 0.75% for advice, 0.5% for administration and 1.5% for investments, plus VAT. This extra 2% pa may not sound like a big difference, but did you know that over a 40 year savings period, this can add up to 60% more to your investment?

* National Treasury, Charges in South African retirement funds, July 2013.

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The High Equity advantage

A proven approach for long-term success

Returns versus Risk, 5 year periods: 1990-2016.

Source: 10X Investments; Dimson, Staunton, and Marsh

When it comes to long-term success, the composition of your portfolio is critical. At 10X, we allocate approximately 80% of our High Equity Portfolio to growth assets, local and international shares and property. But wait, doesn’t high equity mean high risk? Not for long term investors it doesn’t. In fact, over periods of five years and longer, a High Equity Portfolio has always delivered superior returns with similar or lower risk than Medium or Low Equity portfolios. The key is to focus on your long term goals and ignore the short term market volatility.

Returns are based on R100 lump sum invested on 31 December 2007 to 30 November 2016.

Source: 10X Investments, Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch

The 10X Advantage

High Growth. Low fees. More for you.

Our approach delivers superior long-term investment returns at a fraction of the industry cost. Since its inception in 2008, the 10X High Equity Portfolio has consistently outperformed the average return of large fund managers, before fees. 10X saves most individual investors 2% in fees, so 10X’s return after fees is even greater.

Returns are based on R100 lump sum invested on 31 December 2007 to 30 November 2016.

Source: 10X Investments, Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch

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Our team of experts

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Our investment team brings decades of industry experience in driving our investment approach and portfolio construction. The team follows a proven approach to investing your savings that is in line with international best practice.

10X manages over R7bn in assets for South Africa’s industry leaders

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