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10X is great! Low fees, minimum paperwork, and the consultants are friendly and efficient. Best of all, you end up with lots more money when you retire!

— Nico Burger

Signing up for a 10X product is easy and convenient. They handled the transfer of my existing RA from my previous service provider effectively.

— Dhanesh Mohanlal

10X has great fees and competitive long-term investments returns!

— Angela Manwaring

I love 10X because I know I’m not being ripped off with high commission fees. I'm getting the most financial growth possible whilst my investment is being looked after by a competent team of investors and advisors. I have been exploring investing online for a while - in particular looking for the allowed annual R30000 tax free investment and RAs. Of all the attempts, I made 10X was the most user friendly site for me (admittedly a techno dinosaur!) Well done to your team for achieving an easy, economical modus operandi for the likes of us "oldies"!

— Tristan Jensen
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I recommend 10X because of low fees and the fact that 10X does not make outlandish claims on what their returns will be.

— John Morrison

What caught my attention about 10X was when they showed me just how much of my hard earned retirement savings I was just giving away in commission charges. I really enjoy the transparency and integrity of 10X, as they showed me how little they would charge me in commission.

— Allan Clark

Always professional and polite. Nothing I have asked for has been too much trouble and all interactions have been pleasant. Not to mention the lowest fees in the industry!

— Theo Snitcher

I like 10X because they have low fees, good performance relative to the market, and good service.

— Mark Turner

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