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Our Returns

Inflation-beating returns.

A rand saved is a rand earned. But thanks to inflation, over time, the value of that rand saved could be much less than when it was earned.

For instance, if the inflation rate is 10%, R100 earned today will be worth just R90 after a year. Therefore, if you want your money to turn into more, you can’t afford to ignore the corrosive impact of rising prices on your investments. You need to invest in a portfolio that delivers returns higher than prevailing inflation rate.

With 10X this is easy. Thanks to our award-winning investment strategy, all of our portfolios have consistently beaten inflation over the past 3, 5, and 7 years, with our 7 year return beating out inflation by an impressive 7.8% Now that’s getting you more!

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10X Portfolio returns*

  2016 2015 2014 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 7 Yrs
High Equity 2.0% 9.1% 12.9% 7.9% 13.5% 13.1%
60% Equity 2.4% 9.1% 12.8% 8.0% 13.0% 12.7%
Medium Equity 3.1% 9.0% 12.6% 8.1% 12.6% 12.3%
40% Equity 3.8% 9.1% 11.5% 8.1% 11.7% 11.4%
Low Equity 4.7% 9.0% 10.2% 7.9% 9.9% 9.8%
Defensive 6.2% 8.1% 8.5% 7.6% 8.8% 8.7%
SA Inflation (CPI) 6.8% 5.3% 5.3% 5.4% 5.5% 5.3%

Source: 10X Investments, returns (as of Dec 2016).

Our Performance

Beating the Big Fry since day one.

As a smaller provider, we are often asked how we compare to the industry’s biggest players. The perception out there is that size matters, and that large asset managers deliver better returns.

At 10X we are proud to say that we consistently outperform South Africa’s largest fund managers, delivering superior returns before fees.

10X High Equity vs Large Fund Managers

Returns to 31 Dec 2016 10X High Equity (Before Fees) Large Managers Avg (Before Fees) 10X Excess
3 years (% pa) 7.9% 7.7% 0.2%
5 years (% pa) 13.6% 13.0% 0,6%
7 years (% pa) 13.1% 12.5% 0.6%
Inception Dec 2007 (% pa) 11.0% 10.4% 0.6%

Source: Alexander Forbes Global Large Manager Watch (to December 2016), 10X Investments
Please Note: We use the Umbrella pension fund High Equity portfolio when calculating these results. 10X calculates the average based on data from Alexander Forbes. The fee value for Large Managers are estimates inclusive of all possible fees excl. VAT.

How we Rank

Against the big South African funds

It isn’t only our award-winning investment strategy that allows us to deliver superior returns. Our low fees pack an added punch. When fees are taken into account, the 10X High Equity Portfolio delivers even higher returns than South Africa’s large fund managers.

7 Year Annualized Returns - Large Managers Watch

Source: Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch. Best Investment View, December 2016

Please note: The Large Manager Watch is an institutional investment survey conducted by Alexander Forbes. All returns shown are before fees. The 10X fee advantage is added to illustrate the relative effect of fees on your investment.

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Top fund managers can reliably beat the market.

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