How can I monitor the performance of my investments?

Every month we publish minimum disclosure documents to show how our funds are performing. In addition to this we also send you a personalised benefit statement.

Is it difficult to switch to 10X?

No. We do all the admin for you, including liaising with your existing provider, at no cost.

How do I start investing with 10X?

Our expert support and streamlined online application process makes it easy for you to start investing today. Fill out a contact form and we will call you back, or give our sales team a call on 021 41...

What fees can 10X help me to avoid?

We charge one simple fee for the management of your investment. With 10X you always pay less than 1% in total fees excl. VAT. Most investors pay around 3%*, comprising 0.75% for advice, 0.5% for admin...

What fees does 10X charge?

We never charge more than 1% in total fees excl. VAT. Fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on investment value. See fee breakdown for: Retirement Annuity Living Annuity Preservation Fu...

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