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10X Investments28 Feb 2019

10X Investments has agreed to a 100% cash purchase of CoreShares, creating a full-service indexing investment specialist that will give South Africans access to a wide selection of best-in-class products at the fairest fees possible.

10X Investments8 May 2022

Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the digital age. A favoured trick is to pretend to work for an existing company and use a copy of that company’s logo and other material from their website to lure the unsuspecting, who think they are handing their money over to a well-known, legitimate company.

10X Investments27 Mar 2024

Is it safe to entrust my retirement to 10X? That is a legitimate question thanks to the many incidents of poor industry practice, failed investment schemes and embezzlement that have caused great harm to investors in various South African companies over the years.

Carl Thomen14 Mar 2019

We hosted another exciting retirement savings webinar focussing on the measures you can take to live better in retirement. Economic insights were also shared and the spotlight was put on the pressures sustained on global investment returns.

10X Investments17 Oct 2023