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Find out how 10X gets you
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Find out how
10X gets you more money
when you need it most

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Investment value at retirement

Low Fees

High fees can cost you 40% of your retirement

Fees are the single most reliable predictor of your investment’s performance. While the industry charges an average of 3%, 10X always charges less than 1% before VAT. Paying a more expensive fee compounds over time, and could mean you end up with 40% less money when you retire.

*Alexander Forbes Global Manager Watch Best Investment View, December 2020

Superior Returns

Our index funds outperform the big guys

Trying to pick winning stocks usually fails. By tracking an index, we deliver higher returns than 80% of fund managers. Since inception 10 years ago, the 10X High Equity portfolio has outperformed the average return of large fund managers. *

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No hidden fees, no mumbo jumbo

The industry charges multiple high fees, and likes to hide or obscure those fees from you. We charge a single low fee. And our statements are clear and simple, so you know what you’ve paid, made, and where you are in relation to your goals.


We don’t charge for things others make you pay for

You don’t need an advisor to invest with us. Investing directly saves you money and grows your money more, every year. 10X’s lower fee also includes guidance, tools, calculators and a plan to get you and keep you on track for a comfortable retirement. And you can speak to one of our Retirement Experts any time.

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10X Investments manages over R15bn in assets for industry-leading clients

No one knows us better than our clients

“Finally the consumer has somewhere to go where they won’t feel ripped off every time they make an investment in their retirement.”

– Mike Smith
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“I feel a bit lost when it comes to all the small print. That’s why I liked 10X’s sales pitch, it was simple and easy to understand.”

– Vivian Deetlefs
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“When I saw the 10X comparison report I nearly died! Without having to commit a crime, I could have nearly R2million more for my retirement!”

– Liezel Nicholas
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