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The One Percenters – an industry revolution

Like us, our institutional clients are One Percenters. They understand, more than most, the difference that 1% can make. 1% is the difference between no medal and the gold medal, between hot water and steam – one of the most powerful forces on earth – and between not being able to retire and retiring comfortably.

Formidable organisations like these. And you. Join the One Percenters.

What our corporate clients have to say:


Melbro Holdings, Glen Heneck

M&C Saatchi Abel, Mike Abel

Investment value at retirement

The value of R5,000pm growing at 6.5% real return after 40 years

Low Fees

1% less in fees can mean 30% more retirement

Fees are the single most reliable predictor of investment performance. While the industry charges an average of 1.6% for corporate retirement funds, 10X's average is 0.6%. That fee saving may sound insubstantial, but compounded over a working career, it could mean you end up with 30% more money when you retire.

10X Fee Structure

Retirement Fund Fee Comparison – Case Study

10X has conducted over 100 retirement fund fee comparisons for companies in Stand-Alone and Umbrella Retirement Funds. Without exception, 10X's fees have been substantially lower than the current service providers.

On average 10X fees savings have been in excess of 50%. Above are two actual case studies we have performed. 10X's investment returns have been highly competitive in all these case studies.

We would gladly do a fee benchmarking exericise for your company retirement fund.

* Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch Best Investment View, December 2007 - 2017

** 10X always charges less than 1% before VAT, saving most of our clients at least 1%.

Superior Returns

We've outperformed the big guys by almost 1% p.a.

Since inception 10 years ago, the 10X High Equity Fund has beaten the average return of the large fund managers by 0.8%. And we invest your money in index funds, which deliver higher returns than 80% of fund managers. *

Read more about our performance and how we invest your money.


What if you could save just 1% more?

A successful retirement isn't just about how you invest; it's also about how much. And while our strategy means our clients do invest more - even just 1% more, which wouldn't hurt in the present would pay off massively in the future.

My10X, our online client portal, puts together a simple, tangible retirement plan that shows you how much you’ll need to retire, and helps you get there.

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Small differences, massive benefits

Could you do in an hour what used to take you a week? That’s what happened for one of our clients and their payroll when they moved to 10X.

Award-winning technology and automation make your job easier and quicker, starting with the switching process. It also eliminates risk: no manual processing means no human error (we have no pension fund adjudications or professional indemnity claims). Plus you have real-time visibility on the status of all claims. These are some of the administrative benefits that makes joining 10X an incentive rather than an obstacle.

The 10X Team

You get the compound value of our experts

Steven Nathan:
Founder, Chief Executive
BCom, BAcc, CA (SA), CFA

As the former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank in Johannesburg and London, Steven spent more than 10 years in equity research and corporate finance. He was consistently the top-rated Banks and Life Insurance analyst in South Africa, and was also voted best overall analyst in SA and EMEA (Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa). During his time as Head of Research, the Deutsche Bank team was consistently rated number one.

Mica Townsend: Business Development Manager

Before joining 10X, Mica worked at Barclays in London managing relationships and portfolios for key private clients. She has extensive experience in trusts, offshore pensions and overseas investments and a passion for empowering people to take charge of their retirement.

No one knows us better than our clients


“The administration of the fund has been consistently excellent... friendly, efficient, helpful and professional. An all-round 10 for exellent service!”

Lareine Le Grange, Payroll Operations Manager, Virgin Active