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Where simplicity meets success

Why 10X members retire better

Retiring comfortably hinges on two critical factors, and at 10X, we‘ve got your employees covered.

Smart Investments

Our team of investment professionals has done the heavy lifting. Your employees‘ money is strategically invested in a high-growth, well-diversified, and cost-effective fund, consistently delivering exceptional growth.

Simplified Saving

Investing enough money is key, and we‘re here to simplify the process. Our investor portal, My10X, empowers members to take control of their financial futures, helping countless individuals achieve their retirement goals.

What we offer

Explore our diverse financial offerings.

Pension and Provident Funds Administration
  • Umbrella pension and provident funds

  • Admin and investments services

  • Customer Relationship Manager

  • Group Risk Services

Fund Management and Investment Services
  • Stand-alone fund management

  • Investment-only services

How 10X gets clients more

money at retirement

Index-based solution

15-year track record of building index-based solutions for a wide range of client and member retirement needs.

A diversified, high-growth portfolio

We invest your money locally and internationally, in a high performing mix of shares, property, bonds and cash.

Life stage investing

We automatically adjust your portfolio according to your investing time horizon, maximising growth and minimising risk.

Low fees

Fees are the single most reliable predictor of your investment’s performance.

Join 10X in redefining partnership experiences and elevating funds together.

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Small differences, massive benefits

Our technology and automation redefine efficiency from the get-go.

10X Track Record

Key Features:

  • Online contribution claims

  • Real time visibility

  • Empowering tools

  • Administrative benefits

15 yearsProviding administration services since 2008
0Number of adverse PFA complaints against the fund
14 daysTime it takes to payout a claim after the final contribution is received
99%The hit-rate on our SLA for contributions

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Partnership approach

Managing financial matters for staff is no small feat, and an additional layer of governance adds invaluable insights and value.

At 10X, we recognise the vital role that professional employee benefit consultants and advisers play in enhancing client outcomes.


We offer comprehensive support with adviser assistance and a dedicated team for a smooth client journey.


10X boasts trusted partnerships with over 15 professional employee benefit firms, representing over 50% of our assets.


Experience tailored excellence by crafting perfect fund benefits through our flexible platform, offering superior investment options and customisable fee structures.


Stay informed with our reporting suite for real-time updates on investment, operations, claims, and finance.

Benefits of the 10X Your Future Fund

This fund consistently outperforms other leading fund managers, so it's not surprising that most 10X investors choose this fund to help them reach their long-term goals.

Benefits of the 10X Future Fund

  • Local and international investment

  • Diversified

  • Low fees

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