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Are you getting the most from your retirement investments?

We will compare your current Retirement Annuity, Preservation Fund or Living Annuity to 10X, showing you the difference in fees and performance.

Fees are the single biggest predictor of your investment's performance.

The higher the fees, the lower your returns. It's that simple. And it's why 10X is different. We charge a single, low fee that's a fraction of what most other providers charge. That means more money for you when you retire.

Investment fees matter

Based on R100 000 investment at 6% return over 40 years.

Do you know what you're really paying for your investment?

Most people don't. And that's a problem, because the fees you pay can have a massive impact on your retirement savings over time. We'll show you exactly what you're paying now, and how much you could save by switching to 10X.

It can be difficult to work out exactly what you're paying, and the result is that 50% of South African investors either don't know what they're paying, or think they're paying nothing. In reality, many are paying more than 3% in fees.

Know what fees your are paying

Based on findings from the 2023 Brand Atlas Summary

Enjoy consistently superior returns with 10X

While low fees are critical, investment performance is equally vital in growing your retirement savings. At 10X, we have a proven track record of delivering market-beating returns across our funds.

For example, our 10X Your Future Fund has outperformed its benchmark for 15 years running. This outperformance compounds powerfully over time, meaning a larger nest egg for our clients when they retire.

By combining our superior returns with our low fees, 10X provides a significant advantage in helping you reach your retirement goals. Whether you have R500,000 or R5 million to invest, our approach can help you retire with substantially more.

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Compare what you are paying and what you could be saving

We'll analyse the fees you're currently paying and show you how they compare to 10X's low costs. Based on this fee difference, we'll also project the growth of your retirement savings over time with your current provider versus with 10X.

It's a quick and simple process that could make a substantial difference in your retirement.

Here are two real-life examples of the impact of fees on our clients' retirement savings:

Comparison 1With current providerWith 10X
Current investment valueR 1 286 293R 1 286 293
Monthly contributionsR 8 300R 8 300
Fees (incl. VAT)2.57%1.04%
Years until retirement16 years16 years
Assumed annual growth*6.5%6.5%
Value at retirementR 4 623 045R 5 512 262
DifferenceR 989 216 more

* after inflation, before fees

Comparison 2With current providerWith 10X
Current investment valueR 386 293R 386 293
Monthly contributionsR 4 350R 4 350
Fees (incl. VAT)3.24%1.15%
Years until retirement20 years20 years
Assumed annual growth*6.5%6.5%
Value at retirementR 2 211 169R 2 985 596
DifferenceR 774 427 more

* after inflation, before fees

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What should I expect?

  • We'll give you a quick call to walk you through providing the necessary information, like your current investment statement if you haven't uploaded it yet.
  • As soon as we have all the details we need, we'll put together your personalised comparison report within 24 hours.
  • A day or two after that, we'll be in touch to set up a call and go over the findings with you.