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10X Your Future with our unrivalled investment approach that consistently outperforms, and exceptionally low fees.

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Why choose 10X

This is why thousands of South Africans invest with us

  • Low fees

    More money for you, with no hidden costs.

  • Performance

    Consistently outperformed benchmarks for 15 years.

  • Expertise

    Industry-leading expertise with exceptional service.

  • Transparency

    Empowering you to make smart decisions.

Grow your wealth with our 10X Your Future Fund

The 10X Your Future Fund is the ultimate wealth-building solution to reach your long-term financial goals.

  • Consistent industry-beating long term returns.
  • Diversification and resilience.
  • Transparent, easy to understand fees.
  • No performance fees.
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Our retirement products

Retirement annuity

  • Tax-efficient saving towards your retirement
  • Flexible contribution options
  • Boost your existing retirement savings
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Living annuity

  • Receive flexible income during retirement
  • Up to 100% offshore investment
  • Easily change your drawdown rate to your changing needs
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Preservation fund

  • Preserve your pension when changing employers
  • Single lump sum investment
  • Keep the tax advantages until retirement
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Don't just take our word for it, here is what our clients say

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our clients say

  • Maximise returns with low fees and easy processes
    Clients love our transparent fee structure with no hidden costs.

  • Unmatched growth
    Our clients have enjoyed 12.2% annualised growth over 15 years, consistently outperforming the industry.

  • The personal touch makes all the difference
    Your retirement planning is handled by experts, not call centres.

9 out of 10 people do better with 10X

Low returns and high fees can significantly reduce your retirement savings. At 10X, we keep your fees low and our 10X Your Future Fund consistently outperforms benchmarks.

Validate whether you could do better with 10X for your Retirement Annuity, Preservation Fund or Living Annuity.

Our free comparison report breaks down historical performance and fees, so you can make an informed decision.

Investment fees matter

Based on R100 000 investment at 6% return over 40 years.

Trusted by leading companies

DHL - Grey
Lindt - Greyscale
Deutsche - Greyscale
Net florist - Greyscale
Isuzu - Greyscale

The numbers speak for themselves

A large and growing number of South Africans choose 10X to manage their retirement savings.

people invested
assets under management
15+ year
track record

Speak to an investment consultant

Speak to an investment consultant

Real assistance by real people

No chatbots, call centers or weeks waiting for a response. Our team are here to help via email or phone.

Easy switching

We'll fully manage the switch from your old provider.

Clear product information

We help you understand which product and fund best suits your needs

10X Consultants

Invest online

Unlock the power of investing online

If you are ready to invest or switch, head over to our self-help portal and set up your investment within minutes.

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The 10X Investment Strategy

Consistent long-term capital growth built on 4 foundational principles.

Strategic asset allocation

The most important driver of long-term returns is investing in the right mix of assets. We take a long-term view.


Trying to pick winning stocks usually fails. Diversification and index tracking has been proven to deliver higher returns over the long term.

Future facing

The price you pay for an investment has a massive impact on future returns. We buy assets that offer attractive value.

Low costs

Lowering costs are key to higher returns. We are obsessed with managing costs and minimising fees.