Living Annuity FAQ

What is a Living Annuity?

A Living annuity is a financial product that pays you a regular income. You can choose between two types of annuities: a Guaranteed Annuity or a Living Annuity. As member of a pension, pension preservation or RA fund, you must use at least two-thirds of your fund proceeds AT RETIREMENT to purchase an annuity, once your fund value is more than R247 500. You are not permitted to buy a fixed-term annuity that only pays out for a specific number of years.As member of a pension, pension preservation or RA fund, you must us...

Who should consider using a living annuity?

Choosing between a living and a guaranteed annuity requires a careful evaluation of your personal needs, circumstances and priorities.In this, you must consider a host of factors that are specific to...

Can I combine a provident fund, preservation fund and retirement annuity fund to purchase one living annuity?

Can I combine a provident fund, a pension preservation fund and a retirement annuity fund for the purpose of purchasing one living annuity?

What is the difference between a guaranteed annuity and a living annuity?

A guaranteed annuity will provide an income that is guaranteed to last for your whole life (and your spouse’s, if applicable), but your heirs won’t be able to inherit whatever is left on your death. I...

What reports can I expect from the 10X Living Annuity?

10X’s reporting is completely transparent so you can see all the information relating to your investments that 10X can see. The 10X online Administration & Reporting Portal gives you access t...

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