Living Annuity FAQ

Can I buy a living annuity with all my pension fund savings?

I am currently a member of a provident fund and understand that I have to make a one-third withdrawal at retirement. Is this compulsory, or can I buy a living annuity with the entire amount? For argum...

Can I invest lump sums into a living annuity?

Can you invest lump sums into your living annuity? If so, do you get the tax deduction benefit on these amounts?

Can I make a withdrawal from my compulsory life annuity?

At age 55 (25.08.2004) I withdrew my various retirement annuities and reinvested R332k odd (2/30) in a compulsory life annuity fund with yourselves which, as you know, on these figures, renders a palt...

Am I obligated to buy a living annuity at retirement?

I am over 55 and have a linked annuity plan and a pension preservation plan. Questions: 1)Can withdrawals of up to one third be made from both albeit taxed in excess of R22 500; 2)At retirement, is...

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