Retirement Annuity FAQ

How do I top up my RA using My10X?

You can make a top-up to your 10X investment on our member portal, My10X. To access My10X visit My10X is secure. To log in you’ll need to enter your ID number (or passport number if you're a foreign national) and you will then be sent a One-Time PIN (OTP). The OTP will go to your cell phone number or email address that is linked to your My10X profile. You can use My10X on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.1) When you land on your personal dashboard, click on 'View and Manage' on the...

What is tax rebate on a retirement annuity?

Unlike your medical aid contributions, your RA contributions qualify for a tax deduction or a tax refund rather than a tax rebate. Although you are free to contribute as much as you want to your RA, the retirement annuity tax relief for the 2017 tax year is set a maximum rate of 27,5% of income, subject to a rand cap of R350,000. This R350,000 rand cap (and the 27,5% limit) however includes the contributions made to a workplace pension or provident fund. If you contribute over the limit: SARS keeps a record of all unc...

What is non-pensionable income?

Non-pensionable income is that part of your income which does not attract a compulsory contribution to your employer’s pension or provident fund.If you do not belong to a workplace retirement fund, then all your income would be non-pensionable. Alternatively, if only your basic salary is pensionable, other remuneration such as commissions, bonuses and overtime would be considered non-pensionable. The earnings of self-employed people, as well as taxable rental and interest income are also non-pensionable. The concept o...

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