Unit Trust FAQ

What happens in the case of a unit trust investor’s death?

Your unit trust investment falls into your deceased estate, and may therefore be subject to Estate Duty. On receipt of the prescribed death notification, 10X will only act on the instructions received from the executor of your estate.

How is my unit trust investment taxed?

Your unit trust investment will earn interest and dividend income, and the price of your units will reflect the changes in the market value of the underlying assets.If you are a South African resident, the interest earned is taxed in your hands per the SARS Income Tax table. The first R23 800 of interest income you earn in any year is not taxed. Any interest income you earn via your Tax-free Savings Account is also exempt.If you are a South African resident, any dividend income earned by the unit trust is subject to a...

How is my money invested in the 10X Unit Trust?

Your money is invested in company shares (local and international), property shares, bonds (nominal and inflation-lined government bonds), and cash. Find out more by downloading the 10X Investment Guide.

What is a unit trust?

A unit trust refers to an investment portfolio that is managed as a Collective Investment Scheme and divided into equal parts or ‘units’. Unit trust investors therefore buy units of the portfolio, with each unit representing a proportionate share of all the assets underlying the portfolio. The unit trust price reflects the current market value of the underlying assets, divided by the number of units in issue. The unit trust vehicle is appropriate for if you want to invest discretionary (non-retirement) savings...

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