10X Manifesto

The retirement industry has done disproportionately well for itself, but has failed its clients.It complicates, obscures, overcharges and underdelivers, profiting handsomely in the process. But institutions so big, and making so much money, are not motivated to change. So, as an investor, you will continue to do poorly with the establishment.

Here is our alternative:

We don’t complicate what can and should be simple. We don’t offer endless options, and then recommend you pay for advice to help you navigate those options. We offer a single strategy, because we believe it’s the best strategy. We don’t charge high fees because they contribute to low returns. At the industry’s average of 3%, fees can take half your money. At under 1%, our fees are less than half the industry’s, and your money grows much more. We don’t charge performance fees (levied even when a fund doesn’t perform), unnecessary advice fees, unfair penalty fees or disgraceful marketing fees. We charge one single fee, period. We don’t hide or obscure our fees. We’re transparent about them because we have nothing to hide. We don’t dabble in complex or opaque investments. We invest your money the same way we invest all our clients’ money – in a diversified mix of local and international companies – which is the only proven way to maximise your investment. We don’t pick stocks or try to guess what to buy and sell, when. It doesn’t work and you usually lose. We simply track an index to match the returns of the market. It’s proven to be a vastly more successful, more dependable method to growing your investment. We don’t claim or even aim to have the best performing portfolio every year. Nobody does. We also won’t promise that your investment will never fall in value. Nobody should – short term drops are an expected part of long term growth. But over time and after fees, our performance will always be better than most other funds.

In an industry characterised by salesmanship, we care to be known for our stewardship. And while most investors end up with less than they should, ours will get more than they otherwise could.

How can we 10X Your Future?

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