The smart choice
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Preservation Funds

General Benefits

Your retirement savings can keep on growing - tax-free!

You’ll get a tax-free lump sum when you retire

10X Benefits

Superior long-term growth with low fees

A well diversified portfolio

Clear & transparent reporting

Cashing in isn’t king.

If you’re leaving your employer’s pension or provident fund, you have a few choices to consider with regards to your savings. Unsurprisingly, the most popular choice is to cash it in – after all, who doesn’t need extra money in today’s world?

But as any expert will tell you, the smart choice is to continue investing these savings for your retirement via a preservation fund. Not only does this preserve the tax benefits of your savings, it also allows you to continue benefiting from compound growth – which you lose out on if you start over.

The 10X Preservation Fund

Because smart choices deserve rewards.

If you’ve decided to preserve, you’ve made the smart choice. However, it certainly wasn’t the easy choice, which is why we think you deserve to be rewarded for it. How? By giving you the best possible value for your retirement savings with our simple, low cost, award winning investment solution. Our expert support and streamlined online application process makes it easy for you – no complex choices, no brokers, no hidden costs. Just more of your money, for you.
See 10X’s total fees below:

Investment Value 10X Fee pa (ex VAT)
First R500 000 0.90%
Next R500 000 0.80%
Next R4 million 0.70%
Next R5 million 0.50%
Above R10 million 0.35%
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How will preserving maximise my money?

Show me how much more I can get by investing with 10X

I am years old and have retirement savings of that I would like to invest.

Returns are based on R100 lump sum invested on 31 December 2007 to 30 November 2016.

Source: 10X Investments, Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch.

Superior Returns

Getting you more out of every rand

Our approach delivers superior long-term returns at a fraction of the cost. In fact, since its inception in 2008, the 10X High Equity portfolio has consistently outperformed the average return of large fund managers.*

*Alexander Forbes Large Manager Fund Watch Survey

Our Performance

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Returns are based on R100 lump sum invested on 31 December 2007 to 30 November 2016.

Source: 10X Investments, Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch.

The 10X Way

At 10X, there are three things that make us who we are. Call them our values, call them our beliefs. For us, it’s our DNA.

Low fees

Our total fees are less than half the industry average.


One simple solution. No confusing choices. No extra costs.


Always know what you’ve earned, what you pay, and where you are.

Investment Myth

Costs don’t matter.

Bust the myth

Your Preservation Fund questions, answered.

Who should consider using a preservation fund?

You should consider a preservation fund if you are withdrawing from a pension or provident fund (due...

When can you access your preservation fund?

You can make one partial (or full) cash withdrawal at any time before you retire. On retirement from...

How do you join a 10X Preservation Fund?

When you withdraw from your current retirement fund (either a company fund or another preservation f...

10X manages over R7bn in assets for South Africa’s industry leaders

I am confident that 10X's model of a low fee passive investment is the best way to invest for my retirement.

– Gideon Granville, 10X Client

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