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Flexibility to access your savings when needed


Superior long-term growth

Low fees

Highly diversified portfolios

Clear, transparent reporting

10X Unit Trusts

The simplest way to grow your wealth

Unit trusts are a great way to save money for long-term goals such as a child's education or a deposit on a house. 10X offers four low-cost unit trust portfolios, suitable for investors with a variety of time horizons.

Our annual fee is:

0,50% pa (excl. VAT) for investments below R10 million

0,30% pa (excl. VAT) for investments above R10 million

Fees are calculated as a percentage of your investment value.

Don't lose out
to high fees


Long term growth with short term flexibility

When it comes to long-term success, the composition of a portfolio is crucial. Our unit trusts are designed to meet your objectives by tracking indices across four asset classes in different weights:

Local and international shares

Local property

Local bonds

Local and international cash

10X unit trust minimum contributions:

A lumpsum of R5000 minimum
or R500 pm to invest


Is a unit trust right for me?

The great thing about a unit trust is that you can invest with relatively small amounts of money and still gain access to a wide variety of underlying investments, because your resources are part of a larger pool. You can also withdraw or change your investment at any time.

The downside of unit trusts is that you do not get the tax incentive that comes with a retirement fund.

The 10X Way

At 10X, there are three things that make us who we are. Call them our values, call them our beliefs. For us, it’s our DNA.

Low fees

Our total fees are less than half the industry average.


One simple solution. No confusing choices. No extra costs.


Always know what you’ve earned, what you pay, and where you are.

Investment Myth

The more choice the better.

Bust the myth

Your Unit Trust questions, answered.

Who should consider using a unit trust?

You should consider a Unit Trust if you want to invest discretionary (non-retirement) savings in a d...

How is my money invested in the 10X Unit Trust?

Your money is invested in company shares (local and international), property shares, bonds (nominal...

How is my unit trust investment taxed?

Your unit trust investment will earn interest and dividend income, and the price of your units will...

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