The 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust


An easy way to invest your after-tax savings

Flexibility to access your savings when needed

Low fees

A highly diversified portfolio

Clear, transparent reporting

Unit Trusts

The easy way to grow your wealth

Unit trusts are suitable for meeting your non-retirement investment goals, like saving for a child’s education, a deposit on a house, or just for a rainy day. Unit trusts don’t have the tax incentives that retirement funds do but they are more flexible, as you can access all or part of your savings whenever you need them.

The 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust

Designed for long-term growth

When it comes to long-term success, the composition of a portfolio is crucial. Which is why almost 80% of the 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust is in growth assets, including listed shares and property, positioning you towards better growth over time. In addition, our unique composition means a more balanced portfolio. 

The 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust is suitable for investors with an investment time horizon of at least five years. Because a High Equity portfolio can produce poor returns over the shorter-term, the key is to focus on your long-term goals and ignore the short-term market volatility.

Our performance

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Higher growth with lower fees

The 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust total annual fee is 0,50% pa (excl. VAT), calculated as a % of your investment value for investments below R10 million, and 0,30% pa (excl. VAT) for investments above R10 million.

Our performance

Download Fact Sheet 241KB

Prime Collective Investment Schemes Management Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd is the manager of the 10X Prime High Equity Fund and is registered as a Collective Investment Scheme Manager in terms of Section 5 of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

The 10X Way

At 10X, there are three things that make us who we are. Call them our values, call them our beliefs. For us, it’s our DNA.

Low fees

Our total fees are less than half the industry average.


One simple solution. No confusing choices. No extra costs.


Always know what you’ve earned, what you pay, and where you are.

10X Investments manages over R10bn in assets for industry-leading clients

No one knows us better than our clients

“Finally the consumer has somewhere to go where they won’t feel ripped off every time they make an investment in their retirement.”

– Mike Smith
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“I feel a bit lost when it comes to all the small print. That’s why I liked 10X’s sales pitch, it was simple and easy to understand.”

– Vivian Deetlefs
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“When I saw the 10X comparison report I nearly died! Without having to commit a crime, I could have nearly R2million more for my retirement!”

– Liezel Nicholas
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Investment Myth

The more choice the better.

Bust the myth

Your Unit Trust questions, answered.

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How is my money invested in the 10X Prime High Equity Unit Trust?

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How is my unit trust investment taxed?

Your unit trust investment will earn interest and dividend income, and the price of your units will...

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