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How to retire with more money

1 March 2024

Like many South Africans, you might be thinking about retirement and feeling anxious about your planning. Will you have enough saved? Will you be able to maintain the lifestyle you want? What about spoiling the grandkids? Rest assured, 10X is here to help. You can always see what our clients say about us if you’re feeling unsure, but we thought it might be useful to lay out why we think we can help you remove some of that stress and retire better. 

Consistent performance + low fees = more money for you

Some investment providers perform brilliantly one year, and poorly the next. Our approach is a little different. 

We created the 10X Your Future Fund to consistently produce better returns than the average fund year in and year out, and by doing so, compounding outperformance to deliver better returns than 90% of peers over the long-term. Our investment approach focuses on investing in the optimal mix of assets to achieve the highest return with the least amount of risk, real diversification and effective cost management. 

Simply put, we don’t take unnecessary risks with our client s savings that result in wild swings of great performance one year followed by underperformance the next. We feel that retirement investing should be consistent and manage risk appropriately, so that our clients keep coming out ahead. 

And then there’s our low fees. Fees are one of the strongest predictors of future returns. We keep fees as low as possible so you can keep more of your hard-earned savings and reach your goals faster. Did you know that a 1% fee difference could mean up to 30% more money in retirement?

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Exceptional expertise, always available, at no cost

Our consultants have been helping South Africans navigate their retirements for more than a decade. They know the market, they know the products, they know the legislation... and most importantly, they know plenty of people just like you. And you can pick up the phone and speak to them at any time, free of charge.  

At the very least, you should let one of them talk you through a no-strings-attached comparison report, which compares 10X to your current investment provider. We generally compare favourably to other options, and that means more money and a better retirement for you. 

Transparency is our focus (and it’s easy to use our investment portal)

Want to know your Effective Annual Cost (EAC)? We’ll tell you – no funny stuff, no hidden charges.  

Additionally, we realise no one wants to spend time dealing with admin – you've got better things to do with your life. We pride ourselves on providing robust technology that clients can use efficiently, and client support that actually solves your problems.

We believe it should be easy to log into our portal, see your investments and their performance and make changes to your account, just like it should be easy to ask a question and get a human to help you out if you need it. We talk to our clients, and we take their suggestions to heart, always trying to make it simpler and faster to do what they need to do. 

Our goal is to give you the retirement you want

Need help opening, investing in and navigating the tax benefits of a Retirement Annuity? No problem. Changing jobs and wanting to transfer your pension into a Preservation Fund? We’ve got you. Considering a Living Annuity to earn an income in retirement and make your savings last? We’ve been doing this for years. Retirement and investing is our speciality. 

Many larger institutions came to retirement investment as an afterthought. They sold insurance or picked stocks first. We started here, thinking about how best to serve you, our clients, when you need the safety and security of a well-thought-through retirement. 

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How can we 10X Your Future?

Begin your journey to a secure future with 10X Investments. Explore our range of retirement products designed to help you grow your wealth and achieve financial success.