Living annuity

Do I have enough retirement savings to retire at age 58?

That all depends on how much money you need every month, to live comfortably, and how long you expect to live. It also depends on how you invest your money and what fees you pay every year. Assuming you invested this money in the 10X Living Annuity, you could drawn down R19 400 every month, growing annually with inflation, until you turn 88 (ie 30 years). This assumes you pay the low 10X fees and invest in a High Equity portfolio. If you choose the typical industry living annuity (with an industry average fee) and you invest in a medium equity portfolio, the your sustainable draw-down until age 88 is only R12 600. That is an almost R7 000 difference! Please input your specific variables in our living annuity calculator to see the various permutations and find out more about investing post-retirement.

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