General FAQ

What does the advent of the EAC mean for 10X?

The advent of Effective Annual Cost (EAC) is superfluous for clients when examining the 10X offering.EAC was introduced by ASISA so that customers have one standard with which to measure and compare the total cost of owning and accessing an investment like a retirement annuity, including investment management, administration, advice, penalties for early termination, cost of loyalty bonuses and guarantees.10X was set up to provide a simple retirement solution with one all-in fee for the client. In addition to the trans...

Why should I invest with an index fund instead of an active fund manager?

Index funds deliver better long-term returns than actively managed funds. In fact, statistics show that only 1 in 5 actively managed funds ever manage to beat the index.

How to invest with 10X Investments

Figuring out how to save for your future can be overwhelming. At 10X, we don’t complicate what can and should be simple. We don’t offer endless options, and then recommend you pay for advice to help y...

Why do we use 6%? (Percentage of South Africans who will be able to retire comfortably.)

According to National Treasury only 6% of the population will have accumulated enough money to retire comfortably, without having to sacrifice their standard of living. While National Treasury has cit...

Can my employer withhold my pension fund benefit?

Hi, can my previous employer the department of education hold back my pension funds and refuse to pay me out. Is it legal for them to hold back my pension? Thank you

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