How do I claim from my Alexander Forbes Provident Fund?

How do I claim from my Alexander Forbes Provident Fund?

My husband was recently retrenched, and was paying for his provident fund through Alexander Forbes, my question is:

1) Will his employer fill out the necessary documentation and notify Alexander Forbes that he was retrenched for the payout to be done, or does my husband have to contact Alexander Forbes? 2) Regarding UIF, will the employer apply for the UIF benefits on behalf of my husband, or do they just provide the necessary documents needed for him to apply for UIF on his own?


In summary, he must get the withdrawal notification form, fill it in, attach the necessary supporting documents, return it to the employer, who will counter-sign and send it to Forbes for processing.

To apply for UIF he needs to go to the Department of Labour himself, with the necessary supporting documentation from his employer (e.g. proof that he was retrenched). Their UIF website will tell you what is required.

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