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How do I claim my pension fund from a previous employer?


I worked for a company from Jan 2008 until April 2010 when I resigned. I was contributing to a pension fund, but when I left nothing was said to me regarding pay-out. Can I claim this from the company? I don't even know what pension fund portfolio it is, because when I started working I was young and didn't know better. I was just told that I will be contributing to a pension fund.


This money belongs to you. You need to get hold of your former employer (HR department) and inquire who administers the company's pension fund. You then need to get hold of that administrator and find out who is looking after your money - after two years, any unclaimed amounts of employees who have resigned are transferred to an unclaimed benefits funds. You then need to contact the administrator of the unclaimed benefits fund and inquire as to what you need to do to claim your money.

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