Tax-free Savings Account

How do I make a withdrawal from my 10X TFSA?

To make a withdrawal from your 10X TFSA, you'll need to complete the following steps successfully:  1. Fill in the 10X TFSA redemption form (You can download it from My10X ® or request the form from our Client Experience Team). 2. Add a clear copy of your bank statement (less than 3 months old). 3. Sign and email the redemption form through to Please note that redemption instructions for contributions received via debit order will only be processed after 45 days from the debit order date. When you withdraw, you can choose to redeem either a portion or the full Rand value or units from your account. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal. It is entirely subject to the available funds in your investment. However, when you redeem, you must also confirm if you want the account to remain open or not.

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