What documents do I need to claim my provident fund?


I have worked for several companies, but I have not collected my provident fund. Is there any way that I can withdraw my funds? I'm unemployed now. What documents are needed?


Your money will be in many different funds. For employers you left more than two years ago, your money will most likely also be in (different) unclaimed benefit funds.

You need to contact the HR department of each of your former employers and a) find out where your money is; 2) request a withdrawal form if the money is still in the employer's retirement fund; or 3) request the contact details for the administrator who looks after the unclaimed benefit fund if the money has already been transferred, so that you can contact and request a withdrawal from them. You must then complete these forms and provide the required supporting documentation, which will typically include certified proof of your identity and proof of your banking details.

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