Tax-free savings account

Why should I open a TFSA with 10X Investments?

Opening a TFSA is a good idea. Opening a TFSA with 10X is a great idea. Our low fees, proven-track record, and transparency means you get more money when it matters most and of course, tax-free! Here's how:

Low Fees At 10X we are known for keeping our fees as low as possible. This puts more money back in your pocket. You don’t have to pay platform fees, advisor fees or performance fees. Index Investing and competitive long-term returns All of our funds follow an index-tracking strategy as opposed to an active investment strategy. This means that we track the market instead of picking stocks to try and outperform it. Index tracking has been shown to outperform active investing over the long-term in the vast majority of cases.

Transparency We aim to make it as easy as possible for investors to know how much they have saved, earned and paid. As a 10X client, you can log into the client portal at any time and see exactly how your investment is performing and how much you have paid in fees.

10X Index Fund Managers (RF) Pty Ltd is a Manager registered under the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

How can we 10X Your Future?

Begin your journey to a secure future with 10X Investments. Explore our range of retirement products designed to help you grow your wealth and achieve financial success.