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Covid-19: a personal financial wake-up call

Khwezi Jackson, Investment Consultant at 10X, outlines five lessons he has learned during the Covid-...

Covid-19 or not, big money or small, investing principles are the same

Life carries on in the most tumultuous times, and even if the world seems like an unhealthy, scary p...

Stand up and be counted in SA survey (and our RRR20)

As many of you know, 10X’s annual Retirement Reality Report (RRR) gives South Africans a much-needed...

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Crisis marks a turning point as SA investors vote with their feet

Analysis of new data from the Association of Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) shows that...

Ask better questions (from one millennial to another)

Asavela Gwele has heard her peers ask: ‘Why bother to save?’ 

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