For Business FAQ

Will I also receive employer fund contributions after dismissal?

If you absconded from work and dismissed by your employer, are you going to receive your provident fund including company contributions as well?

How much of my pension will be paid to my beneficiaries?

I have a pension fund with Liberty Life. I have not contributed to it for about 6 years as I've not had the means to. My Liberty Life financial adviser informed me that it has a current value of about...

Can I withdraw my provident fund during a company merger?

Hi, My employer is in a process of amalgamating with one of the biggest life insurance companies. I will like to know if one can withdraw from their provident fund during this process and how will...

How long does a provident fund take to pay out?

Hi, how long does a provident fund take to pay out, and will I get taxed if my Total Fund Credit as on 31/03/2013 adds up to R33 990.34?

Can I claim my ex's surplus apportionment?

How can I claim my soon to be ex-husband's surplus funds? We've been separated for a year now and are just waiting to go to court for the divorce. I believe that he has unclaimed surplus funds and...

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