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How to claim a death benefit

Hi, Can you please help me. My father was a mineworker and separated from my mother, but did not divorce. He died in 2003 and my mom didn't claim the money from his provident fund and I don't have f...

Can a beneficiary nomination form of a dissolved retirement fund be re-used?

Can a beneficiary nomination form, from a retirement fund that has been dissolved, be used as beneficiary nomination form for the new retirement fund?

How should I invest my savings upon retirement?

I want to retire at end of year (2013), invest my retirement savings (R1.2 million) and receive a monthly income to live from. What advice do you have?

Will my pension fund pay-out be delayed if I owe SARS money?

1. What percentage tax does SARS deduct when one resigns from a government pension fund that gets paid into your bank account. 2. I have just submitted my SARS tax return and owe R1 800 for the cur...

How is the provident fund of a deceased member taxed?

My fiance, who is also the father of my kids, passed away in 2010. I've been struggling to get his provident fund paid out and now they want his tax number. All I want to know is: how is the provident...

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