For Business FAQ

Can a preservation fund receive proceeds from a death benefit?

If a Group Life policy gets paid into a pension fund and is then paid out to the beneficiary, can the paid out value be transferred to a preservation fund of the beneficiary without attracting tax?

How do I confirm that my tax affairs are in order?

Hi, I contacted our HR manager about my retirement fund and he said that he submitted all my details. He said that I must now wait two to three months for the funds to be paid out. How can I follow...

Can I claim my provident fund during a company takeover?

Hi, When a company gets sold, do its employees have the option of claiming their provident fund even though they will still be working for the new company?

How do I know if I am entitled to a surplus?

Hi, I worked at Netcare for six years, resigned in 2012 and received my provident fund. I would like to know if I am entitled to a surplus. Thank you, Nicolett.

What are risk benefits?

Hi there, Please help me out, there's a deduction of risk benefits on my pay slip. Can you please explain what that money is for and do I claim it when I resign? Can my employer deduct my pro...

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