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How do I claim a deceased member's surplus scheme?


I am a son of the late Jonguxolo Hili who was working at Southern Cross in Bloemfontein. I have been receiving letters from MIBFA informing me about the surplus scheme that my father has to claim, but now I'm stuck. Can I be advised as to how do I proceed with the claim please.


You will need to contact your late father's former employer, or the fund administrator (MIBFA), to find out how you can claim your share of the surplus. We would have expected the letters from MIBFA to explain the process, otherwise would they bother to send these letters?

As another option, you can search online for MIBFA surplus claim procedure, and you will find that the first thing that comes up is Enquiry for Surplus Benefit - MIBFA. For your convenience, we include the link here. You can register your claim there. However, judging by the on-line commentary, the payment of these surplus benefits will take a fair amount of time to complete.

Below is a complaint published on Hellopeter, which may also serve you as a guide:

I received a statement on 30/04/2012 that I qualify for a surplus pay-out of R51087.00 as of April 2008. A bank mandate form, Surplus application form and Certified ID were requested which we send via registered mail on 9/07/2012. I left this until September 2012 and then started with queries. When I called 0861504455 to get the status on the claim, I was informed that they only received the bank mandate form and ID, but no surplus form application was received. They request to give a little more time. When I called in October, they still have not found the surplus application form. Simphiwe Mbuko then gave me his personal e-mail address and I e-mailed the form to him. He confirmed via e-mail receipt of surplus form. Later in November, I called again, and this time they had trouble reading my ID. I send a certified copy of my ID via registered mail again. They confirm that they have received all forms and that is were it stays. In the queue, in the queue, in the queue is all me hearing. 3 of my African colleagues received their payout within 3 weeks of application. Why should I battle for payout for nearly 9 months!!!! This is totally unacceptable.

This complaint was lodged about a year ago.

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