How do I top up my TFSA using My10X?

You can make a top-up to your 10X investment on our member portal, My10X. To access My10X visit My10X is secure. To log in you’ll need to enter your ID number (or passport number if you're a foreign national) and you will then be sent a One-Time PIN (OTP). The OTP will go to your cell phone number or email address that is linked to your My10X profile. You can use My10X on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. 1) When you land on your personal dashboard, click on 'View and Manage' on the investment (TFSA) you'd like to top up.

2) Click on 'Make a deposit' 3) Please confirm the source of your funds

4) Confirm the amount you would like to deposit

5) Open your internet banking app in a different tab. Use the banking details from My10X and proceed to making a deposit via your internet banking app. Alternatively, you can download the relevant banking details via the link below: 10X Unit Trust and Tax-Free Savings Account banking details 6) Please use your ID number as a reference 7) Once you have made the deposit from your internet banking app, please select the green button 'I have made the deposit' 8) Please send the proof of payment (with your ID number as a reference) to The funds will reflect on the My10X client portal once they are invested (this can take up to 8 working days).

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