How to invest with 10X Investments

Figuring out how to save for your future can be overwhelming. At 10X, we don’t complicate what can and should be simple.

We offer a single strategy because we believe it’s the best strategy. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get to grips with investing with 10X.

Which product should I choose? 

That depends on your current situation and your future goals. 10X offers various products, each with a clear purpose.

  • The 10X Retirement Annuity is for someone who wants to save for their retirement. Retirement Annuities come with great tax benefits.
  • The 10X Preservation Fund is for someone who has a pension or provident fund with their employer but is changing jobs and needs to move their money to a new fund.
  • The 10X Living Annuity is for someone who is retiring and would like to reinvest their retirement savings and be paid a monthly income from those savings.
  • The 10X Unit Trust is for someone who is saving for something other than their retirement and would like to have easy access to their savings.

How do I choose a fund for my investment product?

A fund is a grouping of assets such as shares, cash, bonds and property. For each product, you will be able to choose a fund.

The 10X Your Future Fund is suitable for investors seeking long-term capital growth that is achieved with cost-effective exposure to a range of local and international asset classes.

There are other funds for defensive investors or for investors looking for more international asset exposure.

See our Funds page for more information.

How do I sign up?

Signing up online is quick and painless. Head to our online investment portal and select the product you would like to sign up for. From there, simply follow the instructions. If you need to save and exit your application at any time you will be able to log in again and continue from where you left off.

Alternatively, you can contact us to speak with a consultant who can guide you to sign up.

How can we 10X Your Future?

Begin your journey to a secure future with 10X Investments. Explore our range of retirement products designed to help you grow your wealth and achieve financial success.