Tax-free Savings Account

What happens if I contribute more than my annual allowable amount?

If you contribute more than your annual allowable amount of R36,000 in a tax year the amount contributed above the annual allowance will be taxed at a rate of 40%, regardless of your personal income tax rate. This is a risk, especially if you are contributing towards multiple TFSAs.

For example: If, in one tax year, you invest R16,000 in a TFSA with provider A and R30,000 in a TFSA with provider B, you will have contributed R10,000 more than the annual limit. You will have to pay 40% tax on the excess R10,000 you have invested ie a tax penalty of R4,000 on the R10,000 above the annual limit.

It’s important to monitor your TFSAs across all accounts regularly to avoid exceeding the limit.

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