Can I withdraw my pension fund if I get fired?

My pension fund is with 10X. I want to find out whether I will be able to withdraw my pension fund if I am fired from my job?

What are the consequences of canceling my retirement annuity?

What will happen if, due to unemployment and still being under the age of 55 years, I decide to cancel my retirement annuity policy?

What percentage of my annuity can I withdraw per month?

What percentage of my retirement annuity can I withdraw per month?

What is the death benefit pay-out timeframe?

My husband passed away on 19 May of this year. I have completed all the paper work so I want to know how long it will take for his company to pay out the money. In fact, he was employed by one of the...

How much should I put towards my RA to offset my tax liability?

I have 2 mil in a living annuity drawing down 2.5 percent a month, plus 1.5 mil in a unit trust currently paying + - 15 percent per year with dividends reinvested, also 1.5 mil in savings rowing at 6...

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